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Fiesta On the Go was founded in 2020 with our initial operations based in a food truck, where we sold our products in person. Like numerous other businesses, we faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, which led us to temporarily close our food truck and reassess our business strategy.

Post-pandemic, we pivoted to packaging our products for sale at local farmers markets and through vendors in our community. Subsequently, we expanded our reach by launching an online platform, offering quick, easy, and affordable meal options that can be conveniently ordered from home.

At Fiesta On the Go, we firmly believe that delicious, wholesome food should be simple to prepare and accessible to everyone.

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Before founding Fiesta on the Go, one of our owners, Lilia, was immersed in the demanding environment of the ICU, where they witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by nurses and hospital staff in maintaining a nutritious diet amidst grueling shifts that left little time for meal preparation. Additionally, she had a family member stationed overseas in the military who yearned for the flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine, which were scarce in their remote locations. It was out of this dual sense of empathy and culinary passion that our dehydrated salsas and easy to make meals were born, initially crafted to bring a taste of home to our loved ones abroad and support our communities around us.

Driven by their experiences supporting both frontline healthcare workers and military personnel, Lilia and Silvia were inspired to launch Fiesta on the Go. They wanted to to provide homemade products that bring comfort and sustenance to anyone who desires it, echoing the warmth and flavor of traditional Mexican cooking. Despite the formidable challenges inherent in starting a business, as proud Hispanic owners, they stand behind our products with unwavering belief and dedication.

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